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Rory’s Helpers was written and inspired by my experience as a Mom. I felt the need to share how, I found a way to make a frustration I experienced being a parent not quite so bothersome. While there are many frustrations being a parent, I overcame this one – the repetition of telling our children a thing we want them to do or learn. You all know what I am talking about right?


It came to me one good day when I announced to my child (who was handing me his coat) I was not a coat rack. This extended to me not being the garbage can. The reaction I received from my children was attentive curiosity as they imagined their Mom being one of these objects. Sometimes, noticing these little things can provide you a mountain of enlightenment. So, next I announced there was no Garbage Gnome whenever I found garbage left behind by these little people in my life. Then the Dish Dwarf was born. Not only did this grab my children’s attention but it made them giggle a little, maybe even me also, which made the whole experience much more positive.

I don’t think it is full proof, and my children still leave garbage around occasionally but it did make life a lot brighter and easier for all of us. Eventually, 8 Characters were secretly living in our house and we would all try to beat them to the job at hand. I hope this book will help you teach your children of some chores that cannot be ignored or left for someone else to do. It is each person’s responsibility to pick up after themselves and there is no reason a small child isn’t capable of doing it, even if they need a reminder now and again or daily.

Originally, I hoped my children would illustrate the book when I began having thoughts of creating a story from this little success in my life. When that didn’t peak their curiosity as much as having creatures do their chores, I reached out and found 4 talented artists to illustrate the book. They are youth whom, at the time of creating these creatures on paper – with very little direction – were in grades 7 through 11. To them, the book is dedicated and I wish them all the best as an artist as well as in life in general.

Rory’s Helpers is available for purchase on and and! It is an exciting time for author and illustrators! You can purchase direct from Sarah here.

We have launched the book. A special thanks to the Innisfil ideaLab & Library and The Gibson Centre

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