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I have always dreamed of writing books like the amazing books I love to read. When not running my small business I enjoy writing and gardening. Rory’s Helpers, published In October of 2017, is a children’s book. The novels I have been working are different genres, one is  a sci-fi and, the other a romance which does not come without tragedy. Rory’s Helpers is my first published works and is close to my heart since the inspiration comes from being a mother myself. I live with my husband and two active boys in a small town in Ontario.

I didn’t begin writing until 2011 when I, quite suddenly, sat down and began. I have written a fair amount since then including many short stories. Through going to luncheons with the WCSC (Writers Community of Simcoe County), I saw into the world of writing and have had the chance to meet many other writers. Some workshops taught me not to be afraid to share my works. Whats the worst that can happen? You take what you can from all feedback and make it better. I am working on a writing course offered by Sarah Selecky, she really opens you up to all possibilities. I enter the occasional short story contest, the satisfaction of completion is golden.

My most exciting project so far is a Rory’s Helpers. I  teamed up with some young illustrators, please visit their bio page. The book should be released very soon on Amazon.comAmazon.caAmazon.eu. Please visit the information page for details on events in honour of Rory’s Helpers where you may be able to purchase a copy.

I will continue to write as long as I am able, as a hobby at the very least.


I thank you for visiting and for your time.
Sarah Agnew

Behind the name: My middle name is Sarah, after my grandmother, who was born with the surname Agnew. Grandma Peg, as I knew her, is my inspiration for writing. The spark to my passion for words.


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