Children’s Books

My first Children’s Book – coming soon – is called Rory’s Helpers.

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Rory is six-years-old and has it all figured out when it comes to daily chores. Rory’s imaginary helpers put away his dishes, throw away his garbage and even flush the toilet for him. When he leaves the light on, the Light Leprechaun shuts it off. His clothes are put in the laundry basket by the Clothes Centaur; and the Sock Sprite takes care of picking up his dirty socks. One day, Rory is excited to visit Grandma and Grandpa. While he and his parents are getting ready to leave, Rory discovers something about his helpers that makes him wonder. Perhaps they aren’t the creatures he thinks they are.

Narrated with imagination and empathy, Rory’s Helpers teaches young readers valuable lessons about personal responsibility, taking care of oneself, and not taking advantage of the people who love us most. Parents who are tired of picking up dirty old socks will love Rory’s Helpers too.