Discussion Questions

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The Characters:

  1. What is Rory missing?
  2. Light Leprechaun wants to know, what are some other ways you can save energy?
  1. What is the Clothes Centaur hiding while playing cards with the Washing Wizard? Where is he hiding it?
  1. Do you think the Sock Sprite put shoes on when he was watering the flowers?
  1. Can you see what shape the Toilet Troll is?
  1. Do you think the Garbage Gnome carries the garbage all the way to the curb for the garbage truck? If not, whose job is that?
  1. You can see the Washing Wizard doing laundry by hand, how do you do it in your house?
  1. What is the Food Fairy’s Favourite Food?
  1. What does the Dish Dwarf use as a hat?
  1. Which Helper is drawn by all 4 illustrators? Hint: He’s the one that looks a little different in each picture Do you think you could guess at who drew each version of him?     Samurai?     Blue Tee-shirt?     Carries Rory?     Playing Cards?


General Questions:

  1. What is your favourite thing to do to help out around your house?
  1. Why do you think it’s important to all work together at home?
  1. Did you think you had helpers that live in your house like Rory did?
  1. Do you think you should help when you go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house?
  1. What other jobs are there to do at your house that wasn’t in the book Rory’s Helpers?
  1. Do you think you can help your teacher in the classroom like you do at home?
  1. What are some things in the classroom that you already help with?
  1. Can you think of something else that your teacher might find helpful?
  1. How does your teacher help you in the classroom?
  1. Name are some sports that require teamwork?