Novel 2

Currently working on…65,000 words so wrapping it up soon!

Novel 2 was patiently waiting for Novel 1. For 10 days, as I was having my first 25 pages of Novel 1 subject to a substantive edit, I couldn’t touch it. But, I had to do something!

So, I began writing Novel 2, it was October of 2013. Just like Novel 1, it came out fast, my fingers move across the keyboard way too slow! There will be a lot of editing in its future and its not even complete. It will wait its turn and hopefully with more experience, I will get through the editing much faster then the first.

This one is not Science Fiction. I would say it’s a Tragedy but if you prefer Romance then, it’s in that neck of the woods.

So, it’ll be a while before I can say anything about this one. Wait a minute! I’ll retract that thought. So, Novel 1 has had to be put away for the time being. Its hard to explain why but, it will always be my first. Novel 2 has been contentedly sitting off to the side but recently it was calling to me. I responded by dusting it off and began reading from page one.

To my astonishment, I couldn’t put it down. I wowed myself. I felt the flow and how it read undeniably smooth. My focus is now here and hope to have a manuscript, I’ll say by the end of the year but hopefully sooner. Sometimes love just doesn’t wait.