Who Are Rory’s Helpers?

In alphabetical order we have:

CC-Web.gifThe Clothes Centaur:  This guy has a few different looks. He likes to have fun and plays in the clothes like you would the fallen leaves in the fall. He sorts all the laundry for the Washing Wizard and then puts the clean folded clothes away. He is careful to never ruin the beautiful folding job of the Washing Wizard.


DD-WebThe Dish Dwarf: Here is a fella who is a bit on the silly side. His favourite thing to do is wear a cup on his head whether it is dirty or clean. He just loves the dishes to be dirty and has a lot of adventure during his cleaning up process often done during the night inside the dishwasher and as needed in the sink.


FF-Web.gifThe Food Fairy: There is no confusion this fairy is a dude. He wears his pink tutu with much pride and loves his ability to fly. He never removes his sunglasses and his favourite food is pizza because there are so many options for toppings. He may or may not use his wand to help cook the food faster!


GG-Web.gifThe Garbage Gnome: This guy may look like an old man but he loves to play sports once all the garbage is taken care of. He is super active and is sure the garbage and recycling is all sorted properly. Often, he is heard singing whilst doing his chore.


LL-Web.gifThe Light Leprechaun: Have you ever met someone who loves numbers and data? This is your man. He comes from Ireland and always carries a pen, paper and calculator. He really only uses the calculator to double check his numbers because he loves nothing more then to use his brain to figure it all out.


SS-Web.gifThe Sock Sprite: Gardening is what you will find the Sock Sprite doing when he is not collecting socks off the floor, couch, stairs, behind dressers and sometimes all wet and dirty at the front door. Whenever there is a sock who has lost its match, the sock sprite will make use of it since he is made up of socks himself.


TT-Web.gifThe Toilet Troll: Who likes to play on a tablet? Perhaps its because he has the yuckiest job of them all. Playing so much does interfere with his job a little bit but he will still get the job done. He isn’t always playing games, often he will use his tablet to learn things, read and listen to music.


WW-Web.gifThe Washing Wizard: This is the most serious character of the bunch. He does an immaculate job and keeping Rory’s clothes clean. The thing the Washing Wizard does not like it when clothes are put in the laundry when they are not dirty since it is a waste of his soap and water.